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DirecTV Satellite TV

What’s it all about?

DirecTV is digital-quality television. It functions when the programming is up-linked to a satellite and is then sent directly to your dish. The picture and sound through DirecTV are much better than what you receive through cable. The variety of programming is greater. DirecTV has over 225 channels with a choice of programming packages.

DirecTV is the nation's first high-power direct broadcast satellite (DBS) service. It began in 1994, and now boasts over 10 million customers, making it the fastest selling consumer electronics product ever. The equipment for a DirecTV System consists of an 18-inch dish, an integrated receiver decoder and a remote control.

DirecTV uses four high-power satellites built by Hughes Electronics, and one built by LORAL. DirecTV announced the renaming of its satellites on August 10, 2000. The satellites are in a orbit 22,300 miles above the equator. Each satellite is designed to provide eight or more transponders at 240 watts each.. No adjustment of the dish is necessary to change programming.


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