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Dish Network Equipment

If you’re thinking of getting a satellite system, then you’ll need to know what hdtv satellite receivers and other satellite tv equipment will be compatible with your current system and needs.

To start, there are different types of Dish Network dishes and receivers, as well as advanced systems, all available in a number of satellite tv deals depending on the different satellite tv dealers.

Dish Network Systems

The Dish301 satellite system is Dish Network's most popular standard receiver model. The Dish301 provides all of the functions of a top-of-the-line receiver, including instant remote-control access to the Dish Network Electronic Program Guide, Interactive TV features, V-Chip parental control locks and automatic/manual event timers, in a chassis that is compatible with virtually any home entertainment center cabinet and is small enough to be used as a set-top box. I also comes standard with 1 S-video output, 1 set of RCA-type A/V outputs and a phone jack.

Dish 501 / 508 / 721
DishPVR 501s and 508s are Dish Network's integrated personal video recorder (PVR) satellite systems. DishPVR 501s and 508s use advanced digital television recording and playback technology to let viewers choose how they will watch television, whether it is skipping through commercials on recorded programs, rewinding sports to make your own instant replays, or pausing live TV in case the phone rings.

Dish 6000U
The Model 6000U High definition television (HDTV) receiver lets you enjoy television entertainment in a whole new way. Sharper images and clearer sound bring television programming to life right in your living room with picture quality that is 6 times greater than standard television. This receiver allows viewing of standard or high definition television programming.


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