Dish CEO Clayton Responds to Criticism of Ad-Skipping DVR

Dish Network Corp. (DISH) says it has “respect” for broadcast networks after executives at Comcast Corp. (CMCSA) ’s NBC and News Corp. (NWSA) ’s Fox questioned the company’s motive for letting subscribers automatically skip ads.

Dish Network’s new DVR system eliminates commercials

We all used to be annoyed by commercials. Thanks to the wonders of DVR, we’re now just annoyed by the

Earnings Scorecard: DISH Network - Analyst Blog

Following the first quarter earnings announcement on May 3, a mixed sentiment was palpable among the analysts covering DISH Network Corp. ( DISH ) with regard to estimate revision. We

Earnings Scorecard: DISH Network

Following the first quarter earnings announcement on May 3, a mixed sentiment was palpable among the analysts covering DISH Network Corp. with regard to estimate revision.

The Holy Grail of TV: Dish’s automatic commercial skipping angers networks

Dish Network made no friends among the major television broadcasters last week, but it will likely pique the interest of tens of thousands of consumers in the coming weeks as news of its latest feature proliferates. Dubbed “Auto Hop,” Dish began rolling out a new commercial-skipping feature to owners of its multi-room digital video recorder, the Hopper. Currently compatible with recorded shows ...

Dish Network ad-skipping feature Auto Hop irks network TV execs

An NBC executive called the satellite broadcaster's new offering enabling customers to block commercials from certain recorded shows 'an attack on our ecosystem' while a Fox executive described Dish's decision to offer the feature 'a strange thing to do.' NEW YORK — Satellite broadcaster Dish Network Corp.'s new Auto Hop feature, which makes it easier for viewers to avoid watching commercials ...

Dish Network Offers To Remove Commercials From Your TV

Dish Network is not making any friends with TV broadcasters this week with its latest offering called Dish Hopper . Dish Hopper is a fairly standard DVR that has a nifty feature called Prime Time Anytime, a capability that can automatically record all of prime time shows from ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC at the same time. This would not be especially newsworthy except for an option of Prime Time ...

DISH Expands On-Demand Lineup With First Faith-Friendly Streaming Movie Service From GMC TV

ENGLEWOOD, CO-- - DISH Stream on-demand G-Movies movies and television series anytime, anywhere Expansion part of DISH's growing lineup of family entertainmentDISH, a leading pay-TV provider, is offering ...

Dish Offers Prime TV, No Ads; Can They Get Away With That?

Dish Network today announced a new feature for its satellite TV subscribers that seems destined to make it the most hated company in the television business. The new feature, called Auto Hop, is being offered as part of the company?s Hopper whole-home HD DVR system. What it does is let you automatically skip all commercials ...

DISH Network Added Huge Subscribers

Despite facing stiff competition from satellite TV and other cable TV and telecom operators, DISH Network gained 104,000 net subscribers.

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