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HDTV Receivers


Different satellite televisions systems often have different features, depending on many factors including the satellite television providers. However, there are standard features that will occur in just about any satellite dish receiver, or satellite tv deal. Getting to know these features will help you along in getting the most of your satellite dish system.

Direct tv system access card - When you purchase a directv satellite system, you are provided an access card, which is similar in size and shape to a credit card. The Access Card is typically non-transferable, remaining the property of your satellite tv dealer. The Access Card will work only with the direct tv receiver it comes with, and is necessary to receive service.

Locks & Limits (parental controls) - The Locks & Limits feature built into the equipment lets you restrict access with rating limits (based on the Motion Picture Association of America and the TV Parental Guidelines rating systems), pay per view spending limits, and by blocking the viewing of entire channels. This is a great feature for parents who wish to control what their children watch on dish network satellite programming. Consult your system manual for details unique to your system.

Pay-per-view with more than one television - If you have one receiver hooked up to more than one television, all TVs that are hooked up to a common receiver will receive the same satellite signal and you can therefore watch the same pay-per-view movie without additional charges.

The on-screen guide - You can access the guide by pressing a button on your remote control, then you can navigate around the guide using the arrow buttons on the remote. The guide lists all directv programming with descriptions of most programs. The on-screen program guide lets you look up program schedules up to two weeks ahead, depending on your receiver model.

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