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Pegasus Satellite TV

Pegasus Satellite TV is a new, state-of-the-art source for direct TV.

Pegasus provides DirecTV programming to rural areas in 41 states nationwide. Pegasus supplies exceptional customer care to all of its subscribers through its high-tech call center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

DirecTV is the leader in digital entertainment, providing over 500 channels of digital-quality programming to homes and businesses, with more movies and more sports than any other multi-channel service through an 18-inch satellite dish.

With rural cable systems in decline and big cable and telephone companies focused on metropolitan areas, rural America is being left out of the digital equation. Pegasus is the only major digital services provider focused exclusively on serving the needs of America's rural and underserved areas. Pegasus eliminates the digital divide facing rural homes by providing advanced, satellite-based digital services. This unique focus will ensure that rural communities have access to the benefits of satellite television and broadband Internet access.

Pegasus extends the reach of satellite television and broadband Internet through a network of thousands of independent retailers, bringing digital home to millions of rural households with the best satellite tv deals. It is one of the largest integrated retail distribution channels for delivering digital services to consumers residing outside of America's major metropolitan areas. Additionally, Pegasus is ensuring the availability of its broadband Internet service through national retailer relationships.

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