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Satellite TV Retailers

Satellite TV is today’s most valuable resource for viewers seeking to benefit from 100% quality digital sound and image. It is, by far, superior to analog cable TV in its picture, its sound and, of course, interactivity - which isn’t even available with standard cable.

But to take advantage of this technology, you will need satellite tv equipment provided by a satellite TV retailer who can supply you with the proper satellite systems.

Presently, the top satellite tv usa retailers are:

1. VMC Satellite - will install a system for free in 4 rooms, with three months free programming. The largest online dish network dealer of satellite TV systems, with many great dish network packages.

2. iDishnetwork - They give you $200 Cash Back. 3 Months Free with No Activation Fee.

For Direct TV satellite retailers, the current leaders are:

1. Rapid Satellite - $150 of instant rebates plus $50 cash back when purchasing a system. They guarantee the fastest installation service of all direct tv dealers.

3. Expert Satellite - (NFL Sunday Ticket Promotional Offer Details)

- Free 1, 2, 3 or 4-receiver DIRECTV System
- Includes Standard Professional Installation (with Next Day Installation where available)
- Free Handling and Delivery Fee
- Free DVD Player (after mail-in rebate)
- FREE 4 Months of TOTAL CHOICE PREMIER with Local Channels programming with a subscription to the 2004 NFL SUNDAY TICKET.  This is DIRECTV's best programming package featuring over 210 channels including over 30 premium channels from HBO, Cinemax, Starz and Showtime and the SportsPak.
    * First-time DIRECTV Customers only.  12 month DIRECTV Programming commitment required.  Programming sold separately.  Handling fees apply prior to rebate.  Conditions apply.  Offer expires 10/30/04.

Direct Dish Satellite TV - (Dish Network) Now only $19.99 with 2 free DVRS. Great Value, this offer can't last.

Direct ASAP - (Direct TV) $39.99 with up to 4 rooms free!

- (Dish Network) - connect up to 4 rooms with free installation with no equipment to buy.

VMC Satellite - (Dish Network)This company will install a system for free in 4 rooms, with one months free programming. They are the largest online retailer of satellite TV systems.

Satellite TV for PC - Get over 3000 Stations for a small one-time fee! Plus Get Channels from 78 Countries Around the World.

iDishnetwork - (Dish Network) These guys have a very competitive deal. Order Now And Get 1 Months Free with only $49.95 activation Fee.


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