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Where can I get HDTV?


High Definition Digital Television (HDTV) is here. In fact, it's been here since 1997. And, in 2006, ALL stations will have to broadcast digitally as they phase out their analog broadcasts. The FCC is serious about converting our television system to the superior quality and enhanced usability of digital television.

By 2006 broadcasters must relinquish the current analog broadcast spectrum and broadcast only in digital. Stations that aren't ready may not survive. If you're thinking of buying a new TV in the next two years, remember that most people keep their main TV set for about 5-10 years. That means you want a future-proof TV when you buy one today.

HDTV Facts

Experience the theatre at home
HDTV will be broadcast in widescreen format, just like movies
HDTV envelops you with Dolby® Digital surround sound using up to 5.1 channels vs. analog's 2 stereo channels
HDTV more than doubles the number of pixels for superior picture quality
HDTV is growing fast on August 20, 2002 there were 455 stations broadcasting in digital. On August 21, 2002 there were 461. More are added nearly every day
As of August 21, 2002, digital broadcasts covered 88.54% of US TV households
Widescreen is required for the full benefit of HDTV!

All HDTV broadcasts will be in widescreen and most DVDs and many TV programs are already in widescreen. Without a widescreen TV, you're still missing one-third the scene, one-third the action and the best in entertainment.

Digital can transmit much more data than analog, deliver it with consistent quality, and carry more types of data, paving the way for interactive television.

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